Join Bill Dow, PMO Expert / Coach with over 30 years experience

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the components of building and running a world class PMO.
  • Recognize the tasks to shutting down a PMO and how to take your team members through that process.
  • Explore the key staples every PMO requires to rally both executives and the PMO team members.
  • Understand what to do every day in running a PMO. 
  • Understand Portfolio, Program, and Project Management Methodologies.
  • Understand key tools and dashboards required for PMO reporting.
  • Hear real life stories from Bill how he navigated and managed 10 PMOs across his career at companies such as Microsoft, AT&T and Cingular Wireless. 

Course Modules

Giving you everything you need to build a world-class PMO!

  • 1

    The PMO Lifecycle Online Class: How to Build, Run and Shutdown a PMO

    • Course Introduction

    • Module #1 PMO Failure Surveys

    • Why do PMO Fails Quiz?

    • Module #2 Designing & Building your PMO

    • Module #3 Executive Support

    • Module #4 Creating the PMO Staples

    • Module #5 The 4 Ps of your PMO

    • Module #6 Understanding Methodologies

    • Module #7 PMO Models

    • Module #8 PMO Maturity Models

    • Module #9 Determine PMO Staff

    • Module #10 Implement Portfolio Management

    • Module #11 Implement Program Management

    • Module #12 Implement Project Management

    • Module #13 - Select PMO Tools & Processes

    • Module #14 - Implementing your PMO

    • Module #15 - PMO Day-to-Day Operations

    • Module #16 - Develop Executive and PMO Specific Reporting

    • Module #17 - PMO Mentoring and Buddy System

    • Module #18 - Shutting down a PMO

    • Module #19 - PMO Course Summary

    • Course Downloads

    • Course Bonus

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Sr. Instructor

Bill Dow, PMP

Bill Dow, PMP, is a recognized expert in Project Management by the Project Management Institute (PMI) for specifically developing and managing Project Management Offices (PMOs.) His extensive experience with Project Management and PMOs has enabled him to author and co-author several comprehensive books available through Bill has taught at the college level for more than 30 years in Washington State, British Columbia, and Ontario, Canada, and has worked at Microsoft for more than 14 years. He has spoken at multiple Project Management Institute (PMI) conferences, breakfasts, and events nationally. As a PMP and subject matter expert, Bill is available to author white papers, articles and blog posts on specific topics relating to the trends within Project Management. He is also poised to deliver training, however basic or complex, that make practices immediately applicable to audiences that may be just beginning or those having lengthy experience in Project Management methods.